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Freshpair is a privately held online retailer of men’s underwear and women's intimate apparel headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey.


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Customer Care (Former Employee) says

"This place is good to work if you are looking to make quick buck and move on quickly. Cons: Management has no sense of urgency, poorly run, high school drama, job security is nil"

manager (Former Employee) says

"The culture is great. You get to work in a great niche and your voice will be heard but that is until the next voice comes along. Management is in perpetual catch up mode which means they have no time to build the employees or a structure that will move the company forward. Cons: no structure, poor to no management, poor hiring and HR decisions, lack of leadership"

Nick Gamblin says

"Fresh pair uses USPS as their delivery partner, but doesn't stand by the their choice when it comes to issues. USPS scanned a package as delivered and placed in my mailbox, but it was not. Fresh pair CS tooks over 7 days to get to a resolution which was for me to charge back against the purchase. Yikes. I would never order from here again."

Michael Lopez says

"This company promoted a buy one get one free sale, but when you put the items in your shopping cart, it did not apply the sale correctly. I sent them screen shots that I took at the time that I was trying to order. When I presented this to customer service, they said that was not the sale. The sale was for buy one get one 50% off. I went back to the website and took screen shots again because the "sale" was still being presented. Then, an hour later, they changed the sale to "buy one get one 50% off buy one get one free". Basically, the "marketing dept" was trying to cover their butts. I took screen shots of this and sent it to them. Still would not honor their sale, nor own up to their mistake. This seems to be a common occurrence, so be sure to check your carts pricing before checking out. Sad, I have been a customer for awhile, but no more. You get better prices going directly to the manufactures sites... I found that out after going through this."

Woody says

"Shipped me damaged merchandise (hole in one of the bras). Description stated they are lightly lined but they are not. When attempting to return they would not provide a prepaid return label. NEVER AGAIN!"

Michelle Shanahan says

"If I could give it a zero I would. I ordered from them and they took my money right away BUT I STILL don’t have my items. There are two shipments. I have been in contact with customer svc. that is also a joke. They have given me so many delivery dates and promises. Now I find out the jogs. got to my city but returned fir insufficient address. I requested a refund right away and I’m being told they have to send the info to another dept. and they will decide if I get refund or new shipment. NO WAY. I’m contacting BBB and the CEO of this scam company. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM-you will waste your tome and money. SCAMMERS"

david jucewicz says

"Spent $60 on 3 pairs of men's underwear and while they were in stock at payment time; once I paid, 2 of the items are backordered for a month. What a joke."

WalnPatty Garza says

"Thank you for the reviews. Almost bought 3 bras but trust these customerS. Will take business elsewhere. This John dude, change your name to Frank."

Ryan Colford says

"Overcharged me and won't resolve it! Sent me double 1 item and charged me for both. When I requested a return/refund they said I will have to pay the shipping cost to return the item for my refund. John from customer service kept emailing me saying that I ordered it. I did not but now I'm forced to accept it. I didn't ask for 2 of the item why should I be forced to pay for shipping to return it? Don't shop there!"

Richard Vosburgh says

"ABOUT FRESHPAIR.COM - John, I think that's his last last, deserves the 71% bad press that he and his company's received. VERY DECEPTIVE advertising that he had the ***^&*(& to defend. 75% off in big 2 inch block letters and far and apart from that a 1/16th lettered 'selected styles' - no where near the 75% off. Then, John tries to defend this by deflecting to his market8ing ream. BAIT AND SWITCH any way you slice it!! Dishonest, deflecting, obtrusive, very deceptive... buyer beware.. Instead, do NOT even think about buying from Fresh Pair!! A joke."

Kate says

"I purchased four bras which I originally purchased from a brick & mortar store. The exact brand, the exact model. The bras from Freshpair were made from very lightweight fabric and were basically worthless. They were some obvious knock-off! After speaking with Freshpair customer (service), I was issued a gift card because they refused to refund my money. I am a reasonable person, so I gave them a second chance. I ordered an adult small bathing suit for my son with the gift card and again...the quality of the fabric was very poor. Andrew is a very fit 27-year-old rock climber and usually wears small but this clearly resembled a youth large. I called Freshpair, spoke with customer (service) and requested a refund. The rep assured I would receive a refund. I did not. I received another Freshpair gift card. Horrible company, horrible customer service. I fear there is nothing to buy from Freshpair since they sell subpar quality clothing! This is a very poor way to do business...whichis why I will continue to purchase from Amazon!"

Nick says

"Like what other reviewers mentioned, company sells defective underwear. I ordered pump underwear and I realized pump actually sells them at same price and even lower during discount. My email to them went unanswered even my Instagram message got no response. I noticed the waist band is clearly very loose. Both items I ordered were m size but one seems like an L or XL. Do not buy from them."

Vance McCall says

"I have 8 pairs, 2 I purchased from a department store and the rest from fresh and slowly 1 by 1 all that I bought from fresh pair are falling apart. It is not do to washing or drying because my wife follows the directions and eases them separately after the first pair shredded. It is the entire back side of these and I am sad because I like them."

James says

"Ordered something and package ended up being delivered to the wrong address, the customer service was terrible and clearly just automated. Did absolutely nothing for me in the end and I am out what I payed. DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM!!!!"

Brian says

"Worst online retailer ever. Worst customer service and time consuming is a another bonus.."

Casey Cohoe says

"Had a package lost in the mail. When I contacted Freshpair about it, they told me my package was likely being held by customs, and to contact customs. Except I knew for a fact that it wasn't being held by customs, as my tracking number showed it was already cleared through customs."

Mike Hill says

"Worst customer service. Do not shop here!"

Lois I Darrow says

"I ordered a bra on 3-6-2019 and have yet to recieve it. It has been charged to my credit card. I also have seen since, that the bra I paid 32.40 for is being sold for as little as 12. and some cents. I am very unhappy with your service and you can cancel my order. The order number is #7465488941165. I will be watching my card statement to make sure you have credited my account. I order on line frequently and have never experinced such poor service."

Ed at #772156 says

"A recent order from Freshpair left me terribly disappointed. Two of the four items ordered were mislabeled for the size. I emailed BOTH Freshpair and Joe Snyder about the issue, but NEITHER responded to my inquiry. I have about a dozen of these underwear in my drawer from Freshpair and other sellers, so I think I should know how they are supposed to fit. But these two? Right label! Wrong size! Too small!!"

Tom Brackenridge says

"Good luck trying to return product that does not fit."

Norman says

"This company sells defective underwear. Trust the reviews and do not support them. It takes roughly 2 weeks for your item to arrive and when it does, it's defective in some way. There is obviously no quality control prior to dispatch."